A {BEE}usy Month!

Hello beautiful people, it has been a hot minute! Let me say, I have DEFINITELY missed posting on my blog, but when college calls my name I must answer! It has been a busy month and a half, but I am ready to try and get back on track with my mission and continue my industry visits to share my experiences and knowledge. With that... I had the opportunity to help with the Texas FFA SDEs this past July, where I experienced many individuals repetitively talk about one common thin

The Beginning...

Hey y'all, my name is Madison Wynne! I am currently your 2020 Hunt County, TX Miss United States Agriculture and I am so excited about this new opportunity! Now you probably have NO IDEA what I am talking about, so let me tell you more! SO about me...I am from Garland, TX and grew up with a grandfather who loved agriculture...which is where my roots for this industry took hold. As I got involved with the FFA in high school between showing livestock, CDE/LDE competitions, and

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Being a new blogger, I would love to hear what YOU want to learn about agriculture! My goal for this website is to help not only you, but me learn more about a fantastic industry! I may not know everything, but I can say that with research and guidance from my mentors and professors, I will do all that I can to post what I believe is to be true! If you have other ways of working a specific method, lets interact! I'm all about learning from you guys and gals too! Agriculture i