A {BEE}usy Month!

Hello beautiful people, it has been a hot minute! Let me say, I have DEFINITELY missed posting on my blog, but when college calls my name I must answer! It has been a busy month and a half, but I am ready to try and get back on track with my mission and continue my industry visits to share my experiences and knowledge. With that... I had the opportunity to help with the Texas FFA SDEs this past July, where I experienced many individuals repetitively talk about one common thin

Landon's Winery

Last week, I was allowed the opportunity to tour this WONDERFUL winery in Greenville, TX, known as Landon Winery! With locations all across the North Texas area, the Greenville location is their biggest facility where most of there storage and bottling takes place! During this tour, I wanted to learn more about the process of growing grapevines and how the development of wine happened, since a majority of wine they sell is grown in Texas soils. *If you didn't know, the highes

Meat Judging

During my first year at TAMU-Commerce, I have competed in meat judging, a competition where meat carcasses and cuts are evaluated and placed based on their trimness, muscling, and quality. A lot of people are not familiar with the activity and are unaware of what goes into the production and evaluation of meat. To answer your first thoughts, We do not eat the meat we judge and no...we can't take the meat home. The meat we judge is actually meat that is sold locally and nation

National Egg Day

Aren't you EGG-cited for today? I know I know, I can really get carried away with the puns sometimes LOL. But today is truly an awesome day because we get to recognize the wonderful producers, big and small, that do a lot for us to have a delicious and easy access food product. On the website Kitchn, an article, written by Joseph Lamour, stated that Americans are eating up to 95 million eggs a year...that totals out to be 279 eggs per person annually...CAN YOU IMAGINE? 95 MIL

Olive Agriculture, Don't You?

Guess what day it is.....HAPPY NATIONAL OLIVE DAY!!! Hey, I might be a little too excited for a day that is about an olive, but there is so much we should be grateful for EVERYTHING our farmers do!! So in celebration of our wonderful farmers, I am going to put some education down with some FUN FACTS I have researched! Olives are a fruit...say what?! I mean...if I am being 100% honest, I didn't really know what to think when people asked me which category an olive belonged in,