A {BEE}usy Month!

Hello beautiful people, it has been a hot minute! Let me say, I have DEFINITELY missed posting on my blog, but when college calls my name I must answer! It has been a busy month and a half, but I am ready to try and get back on track with my mission and continue my industry visits to share my experiences and knowledge. With that... I had the opportunity to help with the Texas FFA SDEs this past July, where I experienced many individuals repetitively talk about one common thin

Jake E's Riding Round Up

About a month or two ago, I was trying to figure out how I can learn more about the agriculture industry and where I can even GO to learn about the industry. I was asking this question to my grandmother who then introduced me to a program called Jake E's Riding Round Up! She was telling me how she knew a woman who had this program that helped those, especially with mental and physical disabilities, improve their life through riding and interacting with horses. This sounded ri

Landon's Winery

Last week, I was allowed the opportunity to tour this WONDERFUL winery in Greenville, TX, known as Landon Winery! With locations all across the North Texas area, the Greenville location is their biggest facility where most of there storage and bottling takes place! During this tour, I wanted to learn more about the process of growing grapevines and how the development of wine happened, since a majority of wine they sell is grown in Texas soils. *If you didn't know, the highes