• Madison Wynne

ATTENTION: Send in your Topic Recommendations TODAY!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Being a new blogger, I would love to hear what YOU want to learn about agriculture! My goal for this website is to help not only you, but me learn more about a fantastic industry! I may not know everything, but I can say that with research and guidance from my mentors and professors, I will do all that I can to post what I believe is to be true! If you have other ways of working a specific method, lets interact! I'm all about learning from you guys and gals too! Agriculture is something we all need to work together in, and I cannot wait to hear from my flock! Thank you again for your continuous support!

FYI...stay tuned for some tips about cattle...ya girl NEEDS it too LOL. (Picture taken at the TAMUC Farm with our university show cattle. Go Lions!)

#joiningthecattlecult #2020Huntcountymissusag #missusag #TXmissusag

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