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National Egg Day

Aren't you EGG-cited for today? I know I know, I can really get carried away with the puns sometimes LOL. But today is truly an awesome day because we get to recognize the wonderful producers, big and small, that do a lot for us to have a delicious and easy access food product. On the website Kitchn, an article, written by Joseph Lamour, stated that Americans are eating up to 95 million eggs a year...that totals out to be 279 eggs per person annually...CAN YOU IMAGINE? 95 MILLION eggs for just America alone! So hats off to our egg and chicken farmers...they are definitely doing their job right if they are feeding us enough to eat that much.

This is where I STRONGLY encourage you to go and support your local farmers! No, this doesn't include your local Walmart or Target (even though Target is amazing). Look up some people in your area (like on facebook or local neighborhood apps) and see if there are local farmers who are looking to sell some farm fresh eggs! There are MANY benefits that come out of purchasing locally. If you are still on the fence about that, here are some reasons why you SHOULD:

  1. It is always good to support locally! Not only are you supporting your local businesses, but you are helping them keep their business going by giving them funds to continue production. With the money you give them, they can use it for feed, supplies, and even improvements on their coops (whether it is for a neighbor or a small farm, every dollar counts!).

  2. Local farm fresh eggs can taste better...at least it does for my folks and me. Just as a tomato from your backyard garden can taste 500x better than a store bought tomato, so can local eggs.

  3. You'll know where the eggs come from. Sometimes we wonder what our chickens are fed and the conditions they live in when these eggs are harvested, but when you purchase locally, you can see it for yourself AND talk to the producers too! If you are one that truly cares about where the eggs come from, local farmers usually have no problem telling you how they are cared for and what goes into the feeding of chickens.

  4. You can build a community within your local farmers and the town. Just as a local restaurant wins the hearts of their small town peoples, so can a farmer. When you build a community, they are better able to communicate with the public about their business, in addition to help educate the younger individuals about the production that happens within their farm facilities.

Here are some links that I found near Hunt County that are selling currently:

Seller in Commerce, TX

Seller in Cooper, TX

Seller in Dixon, TX

Seller in Caddo Mills, TX

Seller in Sulphur Springs, TX

Look for more on Facebook Market Place or google!

In addition, why not subscribe to a group?

Egg Selling Facebook Group

Hope you folks have enjoyed this post and do decide to support your local farmers. What seems small for us is bigger in a farmer's eyes...so don't forget to appreciate them for their hard work and time commitment to serving us!

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