• Madison Wynne

New Year, Better Me!

Yes, as cheesy as it may sound, 2020 has DEFINITELY taught me a lot (in the best way possible). I'm not exactly a new person, but a better one due to the lessons from COVID. I've had some obstacles to overcome, but definitely had more highs than lows. One of these major highlights of 2020 would have to be...

I have had the honor of becoming the 2021 Texas Miss Agriculture Advocacy Ambassador for the Miss United States Agriculture Organization! It is absolutely crazy!!! Not only was this an exciting moment for this year, but this pageant was a blast and I had loads of fun meeting my sister queens. I will admit...I had NO idea what I was doing when I walked into the meet and greet, but these girls were so kind as to share some previous experiences and showed me how to rock the stage. Well...at least not fall off (FYI, mission accomplished). I just feel so excited to continue to work hard as I take on this state title with these lovely ladies and grow as an individual in 2021. With that....this allows me to compete at Nationals in ORLANDO, FL. YA GIRL IS GOING TO TAKE A VACAAAYYYYYYYYY!!! I am SO EXCITED for June 2021 to roll up so I can see my girls again!

During my reign as a TX Miss Agriculture Advocacy Ambassador, I plan to expand my involvement throughout the state by visiting more industries (small and large) and engage in community service across the state. I will continue promoting my platform, which is all about going local. With this, I will demonstrate and promote how essential local agriculture businesses are and the impact they make in our communities to encourage support for these neighboring markets. Not only do you support these small businesses, but you are also getting quality products that are grown or raised right where you live! Being able to promote an industry I love with a platform I'm passionate about makes me thrilled about where this path takes me and even more enthusiastic to serve the state of Texas and its agriculture industry.

For everyone reading this, thank you for the continuous support in all that I do! I've been on and off of my blogging hobby, but after taking on this previous semester of college and the role of Hunt County, TX Miss United States Agriculture, I plan to become more active in 2021! I've made some changes to the website that I think looks STUNNING and have already gotten some interesting topics ready to write about (things that I believe are going to be SO neat)! So tune in and check out my social media outlets!!!

Lastly, a special thank you to all of my sponsors and my family for making all of this possible. I would not have been able to accomplish the amazing things I've done if it weren't for y'all....so THANK YOU!

Happy New Year, stay safe, and once again, GO LOCAL!

***Wanna join the sisterhood and become a pageant queen? Looking to win scholarships? Have questions about what the pageant world looks like? Shoot me a message and let's chit chat OR go to missusag.org for more details! (Don't worry, no prior experience is needed AT ALL!)***

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