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Olive Agriculture, Don't You?

Guess what day it is.....HAPPY NATIONAL OLIVE DAY!!!

Hey, I might be a little too excited for a day that is about an olive, but there is so much we should be grateful for EVERYTHING our farmers do!! So in celebration of our wonderful farmers, I am going to put some education down with some FUN FACTS I have researched!

  1. Olives are a fruit...say what?! I mean...if I am being 100% honest, I didn't really know what to think when people asked me which category an olive belonged in, but now we know! Olives are classified as a fruit "...because they’re formed from the ovary of the olive flower, and they’re seed-bearing structures - those small stones (or pits) that you leave on the side of your plate could grow into trees if you planted them." Thanks Lexico for the information:)

  2. Olives can not only be black, green, purple, and dark brown...but they can also be PINK. Yes...you did hear me correctly. They can be PINK. I, of course, had to see this for myself and it is in fact true. Maybe y'all have seen these, but I have not and they are pretty cool! Crazy how mother nature works! Apparently, these olives are uncommon and hard to find outside of their region (which is in Southern Greece in southern Peloponnese, Greece), according to The Spruce Eats.

  3. Olives grow on trees. I know most of you guess know this and probably think I'm crazy. I know they grow on trees, but have you ever SEEN it on a tree? They look like little apples they are just so cute...I just can't help myself LOL.

  4. Olive trees can live up to 2000 years...can you imagine that? The website, Just Fun Facts, says they have 800 million trees planted currently. Although these trees are able to live this long, they do state that these trees live only to about 300-600 years old. HOWEVER, the longest living tree is currently 4000 years old AND is still producing fruit...talk about working overtime!

  5. Supposedly different colors represent the different stages of ripeness in the fruit's growth. They are truly ripe when they are dark purple or black...so then what are the green ones you might ask. Well according to Today I Found Out, they say, "Green olives are soaked in a solution containing lye, then fermented in brine for anywhere between 6 to 12 months after being picked. The longer the olive is fermented, the less bitter and more flavorful it becomes." They then are stuffed with jalapeños, onions, garlic, etc. Black olives are generally soaked in the lye and brine too, but they just have a different taste and texture to them. It is said that if you don't go through the proper treatment, olives are not edible at all! These treatments remove something called glucoside oleuropein, which is what makes the olive bitter. Crazy how a few ingredients can impact the whole process of consuming olives!

  6. Olives contain 20%-30% oil within the whole fruit. This fruit not only has rich oils, but also minerals and sources of vitamins A, B, E, and K too! The oils contain polyphenols, which Just Fun Facts says supposedly "..helps to prevent coronary heart disease, lower cholesterol, and blood pressure, reduce aging effect, strengthen the immune system, protect from the damaging effects of free-radicals and more."

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